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Monday, February 20, 2006

Baby Hats and Booties

I finished the baby hats and booties. I managed to find a really easy pattern for the booties at Bevs Country Cottage. I had to modify it some only because I can't read the patterns so well, but they came out cute. Gosh, I wish I could have made some for my boys when they were little. I didn't know how to then, but Mom did make me a white and pink sweater and matching booties when I was pregnant with Connor. He never wore them though, hehe, we thought he was going to be a girl until the ultrasound! I am thinking I enjoyed making them so much I may make some up to donate to the hospital or the pregnancy resource center. They are a great project for little bits of leftover yarn as they don't take much. I am going to get the gift together tomorroow for the baby and find the Curious George blanket I made a while back with the embroidery on it. I haven't used my embroidery machine in over 6 mos. Can you believe it? The last things I did on it were monograming the names for Connor's baseball team over the summer. Someday, I will have a huge craft room for all my sewing/embroidery/knitting/crocheting/scrapbooking and crafting projects!


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