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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Gearing up for St. Patty's Day

While searching on the internet this morning I found a website that shares the animated gif's. How cute I thought, I will try to post some here and see if they work. Anyways, they got me to thinking, I need to start on my nephews St. Patty's Hat. You see, my ex-husbands family is Irish and this particular nephew of mine has a birthday that day, so it has always been a special celebration for the family. I am talking corned beef, red potatoes, cabbage, green punch, beer, the works! Now, the dilemma, since the divorce (soon to be) my ex will want the kids so he and his new girl can go instead of me, to the celebration. Boo hoo, I feel left out, my sis in law and I are still the best of friends, and will always be. Long story, so back to the hat.....when I found out their little Yorkie dog "Murphy" wee wee'd on the leprechaun hat he (birthday boy) wore and it had to be thrown out it got me thinking, hmmm I can make a hat on my loom! I am going to try and make this the greenest, irishy hat, goofy maybe Dr. Seuss looking? I would appreciate any and all ideas anyone may have. It is going to be a fun project!

Here is the hat he USE to wear that is my Connor in the picture,


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