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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

~~Happy Valentines Day~~~

As I woke up this morning and headed down the hall I looked out the hall window and I got a surprise....SNOW.....All over the place! I head into the living room and checked out the front of the house and sure enough it was there too! Duh, the things you think when you're not quite awake! The road was covered and I had a few inches built up on my little suv. Oh, the kids are gonna love this I thought. They had a two hour late start at school,thank goodness for daycare, because I still had to get into town for work. It took the usual hour commute even though I was only going 45 or so for the first 2o miles because of the road. Better safe than sorry. For those of you who were in the car with me at Meadows, you know what I'm talkin'bout...I could use a class in winter driving skills! What can I say, I am a California girl, and just because I live in the mountains doesn't mean I can chop wood and drive in the snow...Heck we only get it 3 or 4 times a year. But we are only 15 miles away from major ski resort. Hmm, I really should think about learning to conquer the snow better. Regardless, I wanted to share my Valentine with you, so I drew a heart on my car window, aren't I clever! I am also posting photos of the Valentines I got from my little guys, they are so sweet! I finished up some projects, another purple sock to match the one I made, and my grey/white/pink snowboarder hat. I am also going to post some pictures of the dishcloths I made. The blue/white one was done on the blue loom, and the green on I crocheted. I used the Sugar and cream cotton yarn, I love it, I would love to have a blanket made of it, but that would take forever. I prefer the quick, easy, fast results projects. I should go I think I ma finally coming off of my sugar high from all the candy at work. Thank goodness I had a salad for lunch! TTFN..........Carla


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