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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

New project pictures as promised

New Projects Posted

I am having issues uploading my photos through blogger this a.m., will try again later. Okay, I got it to work but had to load them one at a time. Ignore the white legs! My purple socks, finally I have two :) I did them using one stran redheart and one strand homespun. Used the blue loom and basically made a very long hat except they are for my feet! 2nd, the blue dishcloth using the blue loom again and e-wrapping, the pattern is from the second knifty knitter booklet. Love the Sugar and Cream cotton yarn, only used one strand. The green cloth I did in crochet. Finally, the snowboarder hat.... I mastered the purl stitch and enjoyed doing it. I did that for the brim and then switched to the e-wrap. I added a pink pom too! I saw somethig similar in a snowboarder mag, it is warn and fits snug below your ear. I may have to keep this one. Otherwise I had a box going that will hold all my projects and save them for gifts!


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