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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Three Day Weekend

I have a three day weekend coming up, well i am still working on Monday so I guess it is only the kids. AHHHH, the mind goes to p*** when you are a Mom. I never thought I could multitask until I became one! We have had freezing cold weather here. So cold it is below 0 and Timberline even closed the other day. Now you know it is cold when a major ski resort closes. It had to do with the wind chill too! How thankful I am for my furnace and not that woodstove we had in the other house. Funny how you can be thankful for the simple things in life that so many take for granted. There are so many peole that live up here with only woodstove heat, I say, hey you really need to upgrade and get a furnace. If I had to choose between flipping a switch or cutting, stacking, splitting wood, then builing a fire, plus keeping it goigng. Well, come on it is a no brainer! However, I have to say, i am greatful for my fireplace, but I only use it when the power goes out! okay, enough of the weather,i am really rambling. I plan to spend my weekend knitting away. I have been able to redo my knitting project with sticks. I have finally mastered it the right way. I don't know what I am making , but it will more than likely turn out to be a blankey? I am also goiing to do a few infant hats on the blue loom for a friends grandbaby too. I am feeling courageous, I even printed off a crochet pattern for booties, I will try those too. Well, not much else to post, I am including a picture of Kitkat in his hat. Ha, I can be a dork, butI thought he looked cute, enjoy.....stay warm.....


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