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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Cancer Horoscope for today

Hmm, I get my horoscope in my email everyday. Guess, i am going to have to watch out today and not over-analysis! That one is true, I really do that sometimes! alot!
Mar 05
Date of Birth: 06/27

"Try not to take anything too seriously today, Carla. People may tend to be a little careless with their words, and this could end up hurting some feelings or breaking some hears. Try not to read too deeply into what is being said. More than likely, your over-analysis of the situation might lead you to suspect whole scenarios of things which have absolutely no basis in reality. Keep things on more of a surface level"


I finished Taylor's poncho (see prior post) and I made a small purse for her and crocheted a flower on it. I didn't post a picture of the purse, but will try to get it one the page later today. It really came out super cute! It is a joy for me to make these girly things for her as I have three boys! If I can fight the kids off the internet I am going to order some wool yarn and lots of other yarn too :) from Smiley's Yarn I have searched the net for some affordable wool and this is what was recommended to me. I am going to to order Isela's pattern for the Baguette Bag and start my first felting project. I am so excited! Otherwise I am still working on my flat piece that I am doing with needles. I still don't know what it will be yet, I was thinking a lap blanket, or a shawl? I am just so happy I figured out the knitting with needles things, I just keep going with it! Oh, one more site before I sign off, another recommendation for those of us learning to knit, this is a great site!


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