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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Felting, Bears and H20 Bottles!

My bag has dried and I absolutley love it! I have to figure out a way for a closure but I do have something up my sleeve. I made two other H20 holders one to match the bag and one in black to felt also. Hopefully I can get to that today. I have been knitting like crazy and finally tried one of the fingerless gloves, at first it was suppose to be the body for my teddy bear but I decided it was too small. I also knitted a teddy bear, she is great. I was thinking about my mom while I made it so this I will gift to her. I made the bear two set of hats and scarfs, a green one and a fancier dark red, she can chage them depending on her mood:) My son thinks I am nuts, I know I have an addiction! This bear has got me thinking about other stuffed animals you could make so don't be suprised if I come up with some other animals in the future! Oh, I also made the dolly from Bev's page. I will post links to the blog as soon as I can but I have to run now for a photo appointment. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Okay, I have the photos up...enjoy...


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