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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Miss Taylor's Poncho is complete

I made a poncho for my nieces birthday coming up next month. I used some of the yarn I found at Craft Warehouse for 1.99 a skein. The darker pink is the Soft Opulence and the fun fur style is a Ravish yarn. I think it is super cute and since she is all girlie I know she will like it. I used the mock crochet stitch(I thought) see additional post about that. I made two rectangle flat pieces on the yellow loom and just eyeballed the size, I used my 5 y.o. as a guide. He kept saying to me"hurry mom, put it one me", an then "hurry, hurry, get if off, it's for a girl!" I then stitched the short end to the long ends. Now, about the mock crochet stitch. I just re-read the directions and guess what, I was doing a "Modified mock stitch" my new term for it. In the beginning of the pattern where you wrap one, knit over, two knit over and then three knit over. Well, that is what I did the entire time, just moving down a peg each time. I will post a picture to compare the two. I was trying to figure out why it was taking me so long! I told you I am not very good at reading directions. I like the stitch I did though, it is kinda chunky, like a crochet shell stitch. Now, since today is my day off work, I was cleaning the kitchen , again. I really don't' like doing housework, really I don't. Nor am I a very good cook, but I am very crafty, and I would rather do that anyday! Anyways, I have a picture of my nephew from 1991 on my fridge(pre-married days). It is amazing how many memories one photo can bring back. This was back in CA,he is on my Dad's Honda Rebel bike which my younger brother was borrowing at the time. My little VW Cabriolet convertible is in the background, I loved that car! It makes me think of my pre-marriage days in CA!


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