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Saturday, March 11, 2006

This Week...

This week was very hectic for me. I had baseball for the kids to deal with, my ex finding out about the divorce being final, duh, what did he think? Work and being the only tech available on friday and snow, lots of it! Some new things I tried this week was a cpap machine from work. It wasn't bad. I don't have apnea, however since I am working with patients all day I thought I really needed to give it a try and see what they were going through. Guess what, it wasn't that bad, I used two different masks and was actually able to sleep for a while with it. I didn't think I could do it though becasue I am such a light sleeper, but so far so good. Oh, and GUESS WHAT---GOOD NEWS! The boys and I are going to DISNEYLAND! My ex-brother in law is treating us to the park and the hotel. We will be going with my ex-sister in laws family and my ex-nephew and neice. It is going to be a blast! I know it sounds funny, all this ex-business, my i divorced my husband not his family, and they want to keep our relationship going. I feel very lucky!


This week I worked on my knitting with needles piece, still don't know what I am going to turn it into. So far it is one long(4ft x 18 inches)piece. So maybe a shawl? I am going to post a picture of Taylor's little purse I made. I used one strand red heart lofty and one fun fur and just made a flat piece. I then folded it in half and stitched the sides together. I made a handle by e-wrapping just two pegs together until I got the desired length and I crocheted a flower for the front. Then my other projects I worked on were hair scrunchies. I found the pattern on our yahoo group for knifty knitters, they were incredibly easy to make and a very quick project. I am keeping the black one for me and sending the others to my niece. I don't wear a ponytail often, only if I am wearing a baseball cap! I also got halfway through my black poncho. I am making one to wear on St. Pattys day over my long-sleeved green tee. I am still waiting for my wool yarn to arrive, and my bag pattern form Isela. I am so excited to start my felted bag! Well, take care, I am signing off for now. Have a great weekend, I am off to clean house, watch movies, and knit,knit,knit!


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