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Sunday, June 11, 2006

I am still here!

I am still around, although I think the kid's baseball season just about got the best of me. Who ever thought it could be so hard trying to be everywhere at once! Quinn and Kels games are over and Connor still has about a month to go. I am playing hooky today and didn't go to his tournament game, Kel's coughing kept me up and his asthma was bothering him. I managed to get C out the door at 6am, yes, i am a good MOM! I watched "The Family Stone" today. It was good, i didn't kowo what to expect but did enjoy it, I really like Diane Keaton. Life with the X is a pain,"shaking my head" he annoys me greatly, I had to take my boys to another of Connors tournamnets in Bend, OR, where he and his girlfriend live. Yuck, they were there and I had to be a nice girl! Let's just say I had to visit the christian store for some inspirational reading to get through the long three day weekend! I am still knitting, just haven't figured out the extra fine sock loom yet. I made two super cute pink hats for a baby shower and crocheted some booties. I don't have my cranberry bag done yet, but hope to finish it soon so I can felt it. Oh, did I mention jewelry? My sister came to visit and made me this really great bracelet. I love it and now I am trying my hand at jewelry making. I will have to get some photos up soon. in the meantime, here we are:) Blogger is being weird again, I'll get back to you on the photos......Lolly aka..Carla


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