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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Schools Out

Yes, school is out,(well it has been out for three weeks) so the kids are excited! See how long it takes me to getting around to doing things! Connor is very excited, he now gets to sleep in and that is good because he really does need it. He plays baseball four nights a week so that is tiring. AND---TA DA-he made the A honor roll! I am so proud!!!! Q and K still have daycare and they won't admit it, but they like it. They always get to do special things in the summer, last friday the daycare took them to see "Cars" and since they are always the last ones to be picked up they get to take home the left over snack! So let's see, the last three weeks in a nutshell, and it is a BIG nutshell:"Schools out+ Q gets strep throat+ k gets the stomach flu=I miss a week's worth of work. I am running out of sick pay, but find out that I have "float" holidays available so I use them. (Tip: check with your employer about float holidays, they usually aren't listed on your paystub until you use them) Once again, skimming by on the seat of my pants! Which gets me to thinking I should change my theme of the blog from loom knitting to single parenting, but thought what does it matter, no one reads it anyways! HEHHE, okay so back to looming, I did felt my two bags, and I love them. I don't think I got the handles right on the beige and red one but it works. I snuck a peek at the demo one on display at the coffee shop I visit after work, and it looked a little different. I will use it regardless, I love my knitting! I also made some earrings this week, I really enjoyed that, talk about a quick project. So, this leads me back to the single parenting thing. You see that and crafts really do go together, here is my analogy. For those of you who know me, I went through a divorce this past year, and in an effort to keep my mind busy I started knitting. So that is it, advice number one when going through a trying time, pick up a new hobby, it doesn't matter if you don't have the time for it, MAKE the time! You will reap the benefits of you knitting by meeting some really cool friends online or in real life(hehe) and you will have so many neat projects to show from your work(therapy)!
On the social end: We sooo have a dirtbike obsession! I found out about Craigslist and started looking for dirtbikes. By the way, here is another tip; is fantastic! It is an online advertising system that you can find in about most major cities. It is free so there are a lot of ads. I found my little suv by using it and the new Yamaha PW 50 that I got for the boys. I am now searching for a bigger bike for me an Connor, if we get our way we will find a Yamaha TTR 125 that is in our price range. We have two bikes from last year that I bought at Schucks, but I will tell you, it wasn't a very good investment. Connors bike is falling apart,but Quinn has held up fairly well so that is why we need the new ones. See how I justify that?
Well, it is hot here almost 100 and that is unheard of in Oregon! I have to do yard work today too because it is sooo bad. The grass is so high in the backyard Q and K thought they would go looking for snakes! EWWW, not liking the sounds of that! Okay, off for now, wish you all a good week or two of summertime play!
I don't know if the photos are going to come up, I think blogger is being weird again. I will have to try again later.


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