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Monday, June 12, 2006


My WIPS as promised. The cute hats and booties done for a gift. The little hats were made on the KK blue loom and the booties were crocheted from a free pattern here

Next I have the brown and blue bag that needs to be felted and the cranberry/brown bag on the yellow loom. Not quite finished yet. Also, the EFG with barely a few rows on it, I will have to get my glasses out to work on it,but I am determined to get it conquered. I saw that Tracey is doing it successfully here, so she is my motivation! I found these bags at the dollar section at target, I picked up two thinking I could use the handles for a cable bag. I priced the handles at the craft store and was suprise at how much they cost. Lastly is my newly started bead colection. I did make a name tag lanyard for work with tigers eye and mixed brown and crystal beads. It is at work, and really pretty. I love it but I am afrad I am going to get it caught on my desk. Oh, I also made a really cute anklet with blue,silver,stars and moon beads. AND, I lost it! HMM, I guess I didn't have the clasp on right. There is a lot to learn! Well, gotta go for now, take care and happy crafting!


  • At 1:08 AM, Blogger american girl in italy said…

    cute! Don't you just love making baby things! Did you make those purses too on the loom? The yarn looks hard...? it look s cool.

  • At 10:02 AM, Blogger Carla said…

    Oh, the purses, I bought those for the handles only, they seem to be made of some kind of burlap. i was going to cut the handles off and use those with my own creations. Babies, I guess I am just surrounded by them. I do like making things for them , they are so quick and I thrive on instant gratification!

  • At 12:20 PM, Blogger Kansas A. said…

    Great idea with the purse handles, I never thought about doing that, I guess you could even check out second hand stores and do the same thing...can I post this idea at my blog?
    Love the baby items, I like how they work up so quick and you're off on the next project :)


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