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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Summertime Fun

We have been trying to enjoy our summer by doing new things. Since the kids have gotten a bit older it is easier to take them out and do a little more, my youngest is now 5. Before I would never have taken the kids to the lake alone or with my ex, he didn't like to do too much as a family, hence the 'divorce." So, over the weekend we went kayaking at Trillium Lake. It was a blast! Despite the wind, it was cold, we all had fun. So much fun in fact I am going to go and buy a raft tomorrow so we can all go out at once. We went with our good friends and used theirs! Lucky to have friends like that. Anyways here are some pictures I thought I would share. Other than that we have been busy with work, staying cool, we had a real heat wave here for a week or so and then I got a cover up on my old tattoo on my ankle and I absolutely love it. Oh, I have been knitting too, I did the basic hat in the Knitting Wheel book, I really like it, my little neighbor girl has since claimed it as her own but that is fine. It looks somewhat like a beret, really cute! Hope you are all enjoying your summer as we are :)

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Crochet and Felting

I worked on some small coaster by crocheting circles in the wool I had left over,this is a shot of them prefelted. I felted them,but they just didn't turn out as nice as I wanted. I will end up using them as small trivets, I think? Anyways here is also a shot of my cranberry bag. That I love and can't wait to do more. Felting is my new passion. I have the day alone today, the x has the kids so I am of to go and take advantage of it. But what to do??????

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th of July!

Yippee, Happy fourth of July everyone! I was woke up this morning by Kel again! That child you have to love him, but I told him specifically last night. "Kel, honey, don't wake mommy up in the morning, I want to sleep in." So, the next thing you know it is 8 am and he is tugging on me to wake up because he wants cereal! Err, another day no sleeping in! Tonight we are heading into town for a BBQ and fireworks at my ex-sis-in-laws. I have been thinking about that a lot lately and thought should I be referring to her as that or how about just a friend? She is one of my closest friends and the divorce didn't change any of that. I know if confuses some people because they know I am divorced and they are like"huh, in laws, huh?" Oh well, we have spent the past few nights setting off fireworks, what can I say I have three pyromaniac boys! It started Saturday night when we had some friends over for a kiddy pool party, dinner and homemade ice cream. Also, had grown up beverages for me and my friend. Her husband was out of town so we drank, visited and had a blast. Did I mention we waxed my legs? We were looking pretty dorky in the kitchen and had a waxy mess but it came out pretty nice. Don't get the wrong idea, it was only from me knees down! Next time I think I will go and have it done professionally and leave the drinks at home! I also found my camcorder, I thought the X had it. Anyways, there was a tape in it and so the boys and I watched it. It as so cute, we had recorded Q's first steps and C's state baseball game. I also managed to find two other tapes of when we first moved to PDX, Q's birth and K's first steps. Things were so much different then, it made me somewhat lonely, but I will not feel sorry for myself! You can't be lonely when you have full life with kids, friends, work and hobbies! X called last night too to talk to the kids and I asked him to see if he could find any more tapes,because I know he has some. He goes on to tell me that he didn't' forget my birthday, and that he called but no one was home. I said"Hmm, that is why you called huh, well, thank you." I mean WTF, what else do I say! Well, I am going to go out and start the sprinkler on the yard here, it has been so hot! AND, I am off to search for some patterns on the net. I thought I had bookmarked the pages,but I can't seem to find them. I am looking for some patterns of dishcloths with patterns on them. They were lots of them with a heart, or a boat or things like that. Any ideas girls, I would be ever so grateful for a link to them!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Good Saturday Morning

This morning I had a chance to get on my computer at home. I do sneak on the net at work, but it is here at home that I get to post on my blog. I have been catching up on the loom groups and there are so many neat things I have found. I am joining a knit a long with Isela for a Noni-bag. They are so cute, I am going to do the Sculpture in the Garden Bag. I can needle knit the knit stitch but I haven't used the circular needles so it will be a challenge. I have a local friend that I may need to call for help. Jen, I am talking about U! I also found this site which has the cutest animal hats made on the loom. They are adorable, I want to try some, I just can't decide on which one, plus the halter top, really cute! I am also going to add a few more links to some blogs I try to read daily, some are loom related others aren't. One thing I noticed and it is scaring me, why do most/all of us single women who knit have cats, does anyone else find this weird and a little disturbing? I am starting to get worried about my future!

My cat is the reality, this is the dream!