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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Summertime Fun

We have been trying to enjoy our summer by doing new things. Since the kids have gotten a bit older it is easier to take them out and do a little more, my youngest is now 5. Before I would never have taken the kids to the lake alone or with my ex, he didn't like to do too much as a family, hence the 'divorce." So, over the weekend we went kayaking at Trillium Lake. It was a blast! Despite the wind, it was cold, we all had fun. So much fun in fact I am going to go and buy a raft tomorrow so we can all go out at once. We went with our good friends and used theirs! Lucky to have friends like that. Anyways here are some pictures I thought I would share. Other than that we have been busy with work, staying cool, we had a real heat wave here for a week or so and then I got a cover up on my old tattoo on my ankle and I absolutely love it. Oh, I have been knitting too, I did the basic hat in the Knitting Wheel book, I really like it, my little neighbor girl has since claimed it as her own but that is fine. It looks somewhat like a beret, really cute! Hope you are all enjoying your summer as we are :)


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