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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Slide show

Trying my hand at a slide show..let's see how it turns out...

Day 4 and Felting too!

Day 4--I have my meals planned for today, gonna stick with them.
B: 1/2 plain bagel with cream cheese 3
COFFEE, the usual of course

L: Wild rice and chicken soup 5
5 club reduced fat saltine crackers 2

S: 1 cup seedles red grapes and a string cheese 3

D: WW meal, not sure what kind yet, but most likely under 5 pt. 5
S: More popcorn, luv it! 1
total points 19, will probably have a ww chocolatte bar too +1= 20

Now onto the knitting and felting. I made a cute little handbag the other day and I plan to felt it hopefully today? I took the day off work so I will just be hanging out all day. The weather is nice today, raining! I am working on a sunglass case too so I plan to get that done and felt them this afternoon. I have so many projects I want to do, I get confused and don't know where to start! Have a great day!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Day 3 Diet

I did really well today I think I am getting the hang of this diet thing! Sorry to keep patting myself on the back but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do..

B- Coffee w/sweet n low and creamer 1
Sweet & Salty peanut bar 4

L: two crunchy tacos 6

Snack: 1 string cheese 1
ww chocolate bar 1

D: BBQ chicken, small piece 4
1/2 baked potato with butter and sour cream 5

2 diet pepsi's
1 tea

Gonna have some popcorn before I got to bed.. 1

Total points: 23

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Day 2---D.D.D.Diet

I did well today, but I was hungry. Why is is that when you know your on a diet you get hungry!

Fruit & yogurt Cup 3
coffee with creamer and sweet n low 0

Green salad with Italian dressing 0
Reduced fat club crackers(5)2
WW ravioli frozen dinner 5

Wendy's grilled chicken sandwich
(It was a soccer night)


WW chocolate cake 1
94% fat free popcorn 1

2 diet pepsi's
1 iced tea
1 h20

Not sure about the points count for the sandwich , but it is safe to say it was under the 12 points I had left without using any flex....yes, i did it! I am off to watch Miami Ink and then back on the net to search for some information about emotional eating. I really thing I fall into that category, so I am out to fix it! Good luck fellow dieters!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Diet Day 1-Goal to lose 30 pounds....

I did pretty well today, at least I feel like I have some accountability by posting my daily endeavors here. So here goes, I am following the Weight Watcher points plan, my points as it stands according to my weight is 24 . No I am sure I should be at 22, but since I am pms'ing seriously and must have at least 5 pounds water weight I will just let it go, more food for me..hehehe.... So today I had:

yogurt with blueberries and strawberries (mc D's) 3
Coffee with sweet n low and creamer (maybe a point)
Chocolate milk (bad, shouldn't of had this) 5

Green salad with Paul Newman Italian dressing 0
WW frozen tuna noodle casserole(this is yummy) 5
Club reduced fat crackers (5) I needed the salt!2

2 small boneless bbq chicken 4
2 biscuits with honey (should have stopped at one) 10
dieting is so hard!

Also, two diet pepsi's, one large ice tea, and a water

total: 30
I get 35 flex points a week so I borrowed 6, I will have to do better tomorrow!

total: 25 flex left

You can visit Weight Watchers here...

Okay, off to find some ww blogs to link to....Carla

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Let the dieting begin

I am joining Sara and others on a mission to lose this excess weight! Talk about accountability, I will be posting my weight watchers intake with points. Wish me luck! It has been so long since I posted I forgot how to post a link, but you can find her site to the right under Americaninitaly.