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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Day 2---D.D.D.Diet

I did well today, but I was hungry. Why is is that when you know your on a diet you get hungry!

Fruit & yogurt Cup 3
coffee with creamer and sweet n low 0

Green salad with Italian dressing 0
Reduced fat club crackers(5)2
WW ravioli frozen dinner 5

Wendy's grilled chicken sandwich
(It was a soccer night)


WW chocolate cake 1
94% fat free popcorn 1

2 diet pepsi's
1 iced tea
1 h20

Not sure about the points count for the sandwich , but it is safe to say it was under the 12 points I had left without using any flex....yes, i did it! I am off to watch Miami Ink and then back on the net to search for some information about emotional eating. I really thing I fall into that category, so I am out to fix it! Good luck fellow dieters!


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